New equestrian show from September 14th to October 26th

"Kavallisté" is the meeting between Corsica, the horse and singing under the dome of the Great Stables.


This new equestrian show will transport you to an unforgettable adventure where horses and their other companions will make you discover the mysteries of the Corsican land.


The riders will dance their mount on polyphonic singing performed by the Trio Sarocchi.
All emotions are brought together in this new equestrian show which evokes the traditions and character of this island called "Kallisté" in antiquity.





Trailer :


Created and Directed by : Sophie and Virginie and Bienaimé
Costume design : Monika Mucha

Lighting Design : Thomas Jacquemart

Lighting system : Sophie Justin

Accessories creation : Michel Blancard

Singing : Sarocchi Trio
Acrobat : Benjamin Grain or Sébastien Desenne


With Sophie Bienaimé and the museum of the horse's riders : Christina Garcia-Rios, Élodie Jacquet, Nathalie Lecoultre, Morgane Michot, Mathilde Pouteau and Caroline Vitry.



In partnership with :

Equidia - Stübben - Cheval magazine - FMC - France 3 Picardie