The Guard House in Meknès

Guard House in Meknès - Eugène Delacroix © RMN
1847 - Eugène Delacroix - (Charenton-Saint-Maurice, 1798-Paris, 1863)
Guard House in Meknes - Eugène Delacroix © RMN

Between January and June 1832, Delacroix, painter and leader of the Romantics,  discovered the Middle East as part of a French embassy delegation in their visit to Morocco's Sultan, Mulay Abd-er-Rahman, before heading to Algiers and to Spain. He painted this piece fifteen years later, from his traveling albums (three at the Louvre and one in Chantilly). This is a replica of the 1847 Salon painting (Wuppertal, museum) which the Duke of Aumale commissionned from Delacroix. It was seized during the Revolution of February 1848, and later returned to its owner.