The Action Gallery of Monsieur Le Prince (or Battle Gallery)

Battle Gallery ©Béatrice Lécuyer-Biba
The Grand Condé commissioned Sauveur Le Conte, a painter, pupil of Van der Meulen, specialized in military paintings, with a series of eleven paintings representing his main military actions. He also gave a number of clear directions for their execution.
Grand apartments - Battle Gallery - Battle of Rocroi-Sauveur Le Conte©

He died in 1686. The work, which had barely begun, was to be completed in 1692.

The desk, its carton filing cabinet, and its clock, with bronzes by Caffieri, were designed and built in 1756 for the art lover Ange-Laurent Lalive of Jully, introducer of King Louis XV's Ambassadors. This furniture piece, drawn on Le Lorrain's cartons (preliminary sketches) was intended for the office of Lalive de Jully. Each of its elements was Antiquity-inspired, a popular trend at the time due to the recent discoveries and excavations of Pompéi and Herculaneum; it is therefore considered among the first neoclassical furniture pieces of "Greek" style.