The Large Corner Cabinet

Corner Cabinet - Grand Apartments ©Otte
This corner room, decorated in 1720, is part of the Prince of Condé apartment. The white and gold woodwork sublimated with hunting patterns is specific to the early part of the eighteenth century.
The paintings:
On the top of the doors, seventeenth and eighteenth-century military scenes are represented. These paintings were commissioned in 1769 to battle scene painters Jean-Baptiste Le Paon and Francesco-Giuseppe Casanova for the gallery of the Palais-Bourbon in Paris (today known as the Assemblée Nationale), which was the Parisian residence of the Prince of Condé. Above the Prince's doors hang  “Choc de cavalerie” painted by Francesco-Giuseppe Casanova (1727-1802), and three additional siege battles led by the Grand

Condé in the seventeenth century painted by Jean-Baptiste Le Paon: the Siege of Ypres (1648), the Siege of Philippsburg (1644), and the Siege of Dunkerque (1646 (the latter being can be seen above the door giving access to the Monkey Room).

The furnitures and the art objects:
The neo-classical furniture was designed by Jean-Baptiste Sené (eighteenth century). It is covered with Beauvais tapestries
A table with porcelain is placed at the center.
On the gold and carved wood console table, there is a statuette of the Grand Condé riding a horse, designed by Frémiet. Near the windows, a bust of Henry IV.

A Louis XIV pendulum hangs above the mantel.

In front of the fireplace, an eighteenth century painting, firedogs with the Orleans arms.