The Music Room

The Music Room - Grand Apartments ©Otte
Furniture by Georges Jacob for Louis XVI for the Game Salon of Saint-Cloud (1787). The white and gold woodwork are specific to the early eighteenth century. In the eighteenth century, the Music Salon and the two adjacent rooms (modified in the nineteenth century and accessible with the private apartments visit) formed the Cabinet de Curiosité (Cabinet of Curiosity) of the Condé Princes.

In these three rooms were kept samples of minerals presented on the mineralogical display counter (found today in the anteroom), zoological species and other natural curiosities. Cabinets of curiosities were quite common in aristocratic residences during the Enlightenment, a golden period that leveraged passions for sciences and all forms of knowledge. The Salon of Music overlooks the château of Enghien, built in 1769 by architect Jean-Francois Leroy, to accommodate the guests of the Prince of Condé.

The Music Room's lounge was completely restored in 2010-2012 under the direction of P.A. Gatier, Chief Architect of Historical Monuments, with the help of the Friends of the Condé Museum, the Foundation of Chantilly and the DRAC (Regional Board of Cultural Activities) of Picardie.