Bathroom of the Duchess of Aumale (open to the public in 2009)

Small Apartments-Bathroom of the Duchess of Aumale©AP
Overlooking the Garden of the Birdhouse through a large glass wall, the Duchess of Aumale's bathroom was completed in 1845 by decorator Eugène Lami during the romantic era. It was restorated in 2009, which enables us to exhibit the Duchess of Aumale's toilette (a set of 19 silverware pieces contained in a marquetry Boulle chest from the nineteenth century, graciously restored by the AFPA of Chartres) and allows the public to more easily imagine the Duke and Duchess' life at the château after their wedding in 1844.


The room is adorned with a large full-length mirror and heated by a fireplace, it features two Louis XV stools brought from the Chateau of Choisy. In the back, a metal bathtub (swan neck faucets) with hot and cold water. The back door leads to an English style restroom.