Bedroom of the Duke of Aumale

Small Apartments-Bedroom of the Duke of Aumale©Béatrice Lécuyer-Bibal
The Duke of Aumale's bedroom is rather military and furnished with an austere bed. Above it, in a touching gesture, the prince kept the portrait of his mother, queen Marie-Amélie, which the Baron Gérard made when she was still Duchess of Orléans and the Duke of Aumale, still a young child.
The beautiful roll-top desk by cabinetmaker Grohé, which is located in the bedroom of the Duke of Aumale, was a gift from King Louis-Philippe in 1845 to his son.
On the bed lay the two costumes that summarize the various aspects of the Duke of Aumale's personality: his General uniform (which he wished to be buried in, though he died in Sicily on May 7, 1897: see the mortuary mask in the showcase at the far end to the right) and his outfit as member of the Institute of France (the Duke of Aumale was a member of the French Academy as early as 1871, of the Academy of Fine Arts as of 1884, and of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences as of 1889, hence the donation of Chantilly to the Institute of France).
On the mantelpiece, miniature lockets holding the portraits and a lock of hair of the Duke of Aumale's parents: his father, King Louis-Philippe, his mother Queen Marie-Amélie, his elder brother Ferdinand of Orléans known as the Royal Prince, who died accidentally at the age of 32 in 1842 and his eldest sister Marie d'Orléans, Duchess of Wuerttemberg, great romantic sculptor, who died of tuberculosis when she was 25, in 1839.