The Salon of Condé

Small Apartments-Condé Salon©Béatrice Lécuyer-Bibal
Portraits of the princes of Condé: the Grand Condé by Juste of Egmont (on the right), of his grandson the Duke of Bourbon (1692-1740), responsible for the Great Stables, by Pierre Gobert (on the left), behind visitors, the Prince Louis-Joseph (1736-1818), in his army of Condé General outfit, by Sophie of Tott, and above the Renaissance inspired mantelpiece (a copy of which is kept at the museum of the Louvre), a bust of the last prince of Condé, Duke of Bourbon (1756-1830), who left Chantilly and all of his wealth to the Duke of Aumale.

42 medallions by famed miniaturist J. M. Ribou (late eighteenth century): portraits of the kings and queens of France of the House of Bourbon (on the left) and of their cousins, the Princes and Princesses of the house of Bourbon-Condé, owners of Chantilly (on the right). To the left, above the Grohé furniture and adorned with a magnificent bronze representing Hercule, a portrait of Queen Marie-Amélie by Ary Scheffer. A marquetry dresser by Boulle to the left, a chest from the eighteenth century to the right and a flat bureau from the eighteenth century at the center.