The Salon of Guise

Salon of Guise - © Lynda Frenois
The salon of Guise, or Antechamber of the Duchess, shelters a number of family portraits, among which the portrait of the Duke of Aumale when he was nine (by Robert-Fleury), when his great-uncle and godfather the duke of Bourbon, Prince of Condé, left Chantilly in his name, and those of his two sons, the Prince of Condé (who died in 1866 at the early age of twenty-one) and The Duke of Guise (who also died an untimely death, in 1872, when he was only eighteen years old) by Jalabert.

Top-of-door showing different sites of the Chantilly Estate through time: the château in the seventeenth century during the Grand Condé's time, the Hameau in the eighteenth century and the dog pack exiting the Great Stables in the nineteenth century during the Duke of Aumale's time.