The Small Monkey Room

Small Apartments-Small Monkey Room©Marina Rouyer
Located on the ground floor of the smaller château, this room used to separate the apartments of the Duke and Duchess of Bourbon. It most likely was designed by the same artist responsible for the main monkey room, located just above this one. This very tiny boudoir shows, across six panels, aristocratic monkeys actively occupying themselves in an Estate very similar to Chantilly; four of these panels mention the four seasons, their attributes are also present on the panels at the lower level.
Small Apartments-Small Monkey Room detail ©Marina Rouyer
Fall is present through a hunting scene at the table of Montgrésin, Spring is symbolized by the cherry picking, Summer by a bath, Winter by the sleigh skating over frozen moats.
The game of cards and the toilette complete the overview of common activities enjoyed in Chantilly (the lady monkeys in the apartment are probably the Condé princesses of the eighteenth century). The shutters represent the gardening attributes and outdoor games: wheel game, archery, etc.

At the four corners of the ceiling, the season allegories in a blue monochrome. There are also representations of the Fables of Jean de La Fontaine (The Fox and the Stork, The Rooster and the Pearl, The Fox and the Bust, The Goose that lay Golden Eggs) and les Cris de Paris (or other fleeting trades) such as the one who shows the children or the merchant of things forgotten.

The Small Monkey Room is being restored throughout 2012 with the support of Panhard Development.