Arts & Elegance

Arts & Elegance
The Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille proposes an original and dynamic combination between Arts and Elegance, Past and Future, Automobile and Fashion, Culture and Entertainment …




Under the name of the Most Beautiful Cars in the World, a Concours d'Etat dedicated to the major classic cars collectors, nowadays called 'Concours d'Elegance'. Then a proper Concours d'Elegance for the manufacturers’ modern concept cars, each of them associated with a Couture Company.

- Hot-air balloon
- Regatta on the Grand Canal
- Steamboats

- Joust

Activities for children :
- Horse-drawn carriage
- Pony
- Pedal Cars
- Radio-controlled sailboats

Demonstrations :
- Workshop hats and scarves
- Workshop floral art
- Activities makeup and hairstyle
- Demonstration of whipped cream in kitchens Vatel by Chef Arnaud Faille
- Explanation of manufacturing Champagne with Charles Heidsieck

- Smart dress required for men and women (jeans, shorts and sneakers to avoid)
- Hat for women

PRICE : 35€ (free for children under 12 years old) which included :
- To the whole Domaine de Chantilly (castle, park, great stables and horse museum )
- To "Fra Angelico, Botticelli" exhibition

- To the concours d'élégance
- To all activities


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