The Queen of Dreams

The Queen of Dreams
New equestrian christmas show "Queen of Dreams" From December 1st to January 4th

"Since The Queen of Dreams has gone, the fairies, too busy have forgotten their goal : whisper soft and beautiful dreams for children...

Now the Prince of Darkness reigns over night terrors children. Only the fairy Carabosse still cares about the future of his mistress.

Cassandra will venture to the land of demons and wonders
to convince the Prince of Darkness to stop terrify children.
A fantastic show, mixed with equestrian prowess and acrobatic fantasy that immerses children and adults in a real fairy tale."

Created and Directed by : Virginie Bienaimé

Equestrian direction : Sophie Bienaimé
Costume design : Monika Mucha

Lighting system : Sophie Justin

Set creation : Michel Blancard


Acrobats : Sébastien Desenne et Soizic Nadreau. With Sophie Bienaimé and the equestrian troupe : Cristina Garcia-Rios, Elodie Jacquet, Nathalie Lecoultre, Morgane Michot, Mathilde Pouteau and Caroline Vitry.




In partnership with :

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