The Chinese-English Garden/The Hameau

Chinese-English Garden © Beatrice Lecuyer-Bibal
The Chinese-English Garden of the Hameau, with its five houses built for the Prince of Condé in 1774, adds to the classical perspectives of the Grand Canal with its waterfall and parterres à la française.

Architect Jean-Francois Leroy built it for Prince Louis-Joseph of Bourbon-Condé. The Hameau is anterior to the Hameau of Queen Marie-Antoinette in Versailles, with five cottages of rustic exterior appearance which offer a sharp contrast with the sometimes luxurious, other times surprising interior decor: the dining room of the large central cottage, for example, featured a small forest created in trompe-l'oeil. Reconnect with the Park's peacefulness and enjoy our worldwide famous Chantilly Cream.

Chinese-English Garden © Otte
The Hameau © Otte
The Hameau © Otte