The grand Parterre of Le Nôtre

Parterre Le Nôtre-Aerial View ©J.L.Aubert
Drawn at the end of the seventeenth century by André Le Nôtre for the Grand Condé, the parterre à la française of Chantilly offers the most dazzling view points of the visit. It includes vast water mirrors reflecting the sky, many hosepipes and fountains as well as a statuary program of great quality. Of all the gardens created by the illustrious artist, Chantilly was Le Nôtre's favorite accomplishment.
Parterre Le Nôtre-Grand Degré©Béatrice Lécuyer-Bibal

Chantilly is the only garden created by the gardener of Versailles that is in line with a statue, rather than with the chateau. Le Nôtre drew a great perspective that begins at the honor gate and ends at the statue of the Connétable Anne de Montmorency, extending to the other side of the Grand Canal, up to the forest.


The Grand Canal of Chantilly (1,5 miles) exceeds by far that of Versailles. It is actually the Nonette, a tributary of the river Oise channeled by Le Nôtre. Of all of the Le Nôtre gardens, the gardens à la française of Chantilly feature the largest water expanse.


This parterre à la française was restored in 2009.


Wintering of the park from December to April

To preserve the Parterre à la Française's garden statues and hydraulic network, the horsepipes and fountains are turned off and the statues are covered during Winter. The labyrinth of the Hameau is also closed to the public. We thank you in advance for your understanding.





Parterre Le Nôtre-Grand Axis-Aerial View © J.L.Aubert/
Parterre Le Nôtre-Grand Degré-Sculptures by Jean hardy©Béatrice Lécuyer-Bibal
Parterre Le Nôtre-Fountain ©M.Savart
Parterre Le Nôtre-The Great Jet ©Jean Louis Aubert
Parterre Le Nôtre-Sculptures by Jean Hardy©Béatrice Lécuyer- Bibal
Parterre Le Nôtre-Canal and Le Vertugadin-Engraving Adam Perelle-1683©Musée Cond
View of the château of Chantilly and of the parterre Le Nôtre-Anonymous painting