The horses

Xerife - Portuguese Horse ©R&B Presse
The horses are true partners to the Horse Museum riders. Before taking part in a live show, a training period is much needed for the horses. Focused mainly on the relationship with the rider, its aim is to get a global understanding of the horse different reactions to ensure total harmony once on stage.

At the Horse Museum, each horse has its own rider. Once the rider/horse connection is established, the personality of each partner used so as to serve the performance in the best possible way.


The horses are chosen for different reasons:
The Iberians, the Lusitanians and the Pure Spanish Horses are chosen for historical reasons. It seemed relevant to choose similar horses to those most valued when the Stables in Chantilly were built (eighteenth century): the horses known as "baroque" horses: smaller, chubby, with a large neck.


In addition to their physical attributes, these horses have strong assets: their rare authenticity and extreme smoothness match perfectly with the small 13-meter track of the stables, under the dome.

To diversify the stable, other races have been selected: German and Dutch horses, Shetland Ponies, small Shetlands... And our unforgettable mascot, Séraphin the donkey. This diversity offers our audience a wide variety of coat colors, sizes and equestrian skills. To get to know them better, you can go to our "blog".

Picasso - Portuguese ©R&B Presse
Lujoso Quin- Portuguese ©R&B Presse
Federkiel - Swartzwalder ©R&B Presse
The Odenburgs San Cipriano and Sandro © R&B Presse
Séraphin The Donkey © Simon Procter