Restoration works

Since 2006, the Foundation for the safeguard and development of the Chantilly Estate has ensured the restoration of the park and its buildings, due to its federating role over the entire Estate, its ability to accommodate wide range of audiences, its possibilities for cultural demonstration, and of its wealth. The interior restoration of the château is also led in order to broaden its access to the public, to improve the quality of visits, the presentation of the works and interior decors, and the preservation conditions of the collections, provided by the curators.
Monkey Room during restoration photo credit Hermine Cleret
The Condé Museum restores regularly its collections (850 paintings, 2,500 drawings, 2,500 engravings, 1,500 ancient photographs, 250 sculptures, etc. ) and establishes priorities pertaining to the restoration of each piece.
French Parterres during restoration work March 2009 ©RB Presse
The Chantilly Estate Foundation has launched an extensive campaign of heritage restoration, in order to count the Estate among the most valuable French residence, and to give back to the French Institute a fully restored Estate in 2025. The restoration works are covered by an estimated 180-...