Restoration work policy

Monkey Room during restoration photo credit Hermine Cleret
The Condé Museum restores regularly its collections (850 paintings, 2,500 drawings, 2,500 engravings, 1,500 ancient photographs, 250 sculptures, etc. ) and establishes priorities pertaining to the restoration of each piece.
Monkey Room during restoration photo credit Hermine Cleret

We use independent and qualified professionals of academic training. Upon request, they establish their specific assessment and deliver a number of conclusions with restoration work suggestions depending on the extent of the damage. When the restoration work is extensive, we initiate competing offers.


These interventions tend to be more minimal today, and we favor regular maintenance and climate control (temperature and hygrometry) rather than extreme or fundamental restorations, which can always be traumatic for the works. Preservation emergencies (paintings that are flaking, swelling, furniture with damaged woodwork) always receive priority over the fundamental aesthetic restoration work that might be needed (a yellowing or dirty varnish, for example, might affect the visual aspect of a work, but is not considered a threat per se). 


Appealing to donorship:

In view of the extensive amount of work and the quantity of pieces to handle, the Condé Museum cannot finance the restoration works on its own. We have therefore been turning to private donors and sponsorships. Among our first rank of donors, the Friends of the Museum is a foundation created in 1971, recognized of public utility; the American Friends of Chantilly, an organization created in 2003 and recognized by the American Government, has also been incredibly generous.


Other patrons are:

- French and foreign foundations: World Monument Fund, Foundation for the environmental protection of Vineuil-Saint-Firmin, Inner Wheel, Rotary Club, Friends of French Art of Los Angeles,

- private individuals 

- companies of international stature or small businesses


To learn more about our patrons and the restoration of the Chantilly Condé Museum collections:

Contact: Ms. Nicole Garnier, general curator of the Heritage in charge of the Condé Museum

Phone: + (33) 3 44 62 62 64 

Fax: + (33) 3 44 62 62 61