The Book Cabinet

Book Cabinet © Otte
This magnificent library is filled to the brim with unforeseen treasures. Let our curators take you on this inspiring journey. The Book Cabinet was put together in 1876-1877 in the "small château" of the sixteenth century, by Honoré Daumet. Designed to both contain the book collection of the Duke of Aumale and to be a reading and working place, this refined work room contrasts with the rest of the château.
Book Cabinet © Martine Savart

The layout is voluntarily very sober, above all functional, luxurious only by the materials and the attention brought to details. The books, arranged by format, by intellectual clusters, by binding periods, are therefore highlighted. The bindings themselves become the decor because of their various colors and gilts. 

The ceiling is ornated with the Grand Condé's comrades-in-arms coats of armors. Condé's bust by Coysevox rests on the mantlepiece.


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Food and drinks are strictly forbidden inside the Book Cabinet.