The Chateau's Park - The Hameau

Hameau Chantilly © Sophie Anita
Built in 1774 by architect Jean-Francois Leroy for Prince Louis-Joseph de Bourbon-Condé, the Hameau is anterior to the Hameau of Queen Marie-Antoinette at Trianon which it inspired.

It is composed of five little cottages of rustic appearance. Those modest exteriors contrasted  sharply with the luxurious, or downright surprising interiors, depending on the case: for example, the dining room of the large central cottage, features a sub-wood painted in trompe-l'oeil. A visual feat. Reconnect with the peaceful calm of the park's spirit.


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Hameau © Martine Savart
Hameau Château of Chantilly ©RB Presse
The Chateau's Park - The Hameau