Large groups

Discipline Gallery @Patrick Allais
The Chantilly Estate offers numerous advantages for the reception of your large groups: a recognized expertise, several locations able to suitably host large groups, a special group rate policy and a variety of products to satisfy all needs.
Large group at the Château of Chantilly

Our locations

The Dome of the Great Stables with its 637 seats, the Equestrian Discipline Gallery that can accomodate up 450 people for a seated meal, the Hippodrome with its three large rooms (up to 400 seats in the main room), the Chateau, the Park and its gardens...


Our offers

Optional privatization of your choice location, on a Tuesday, the Estate's closing day, is possible. So are the shows and horse demonstrations under the Great Stables Dome, a Christmas tree, private Christmas show, lunches for large groups, dancing lunches, a rally in the Château and the gardens...


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Hippodrome of Chantilly
Large Group Day at the Chantilly Estate