Age 12-18

Age 12-18 ©M.Savart
The Chantilly Estate invites teens to discover the treasures of the collections, the secrets of the park and the life of the stables through guided animations or with total freedom, encouraging the curiosity and the cohesion of the group.
Age 12-18

Activities at the Chateau:


Guided tour "Culinary art in the Princes' days"

Length: 1H30 (morning or afternoon). For ages 12-18.

At the heart of the Château of Chantilly, walking through the kitchens of Vatel, the office gallery and the ceremonial dining room, children can discover the evolution of our table manners and arts.

How did the fork, the plate, the glasses find their way to our services? How did the "dining room" emerge in homes? How was a meal organized in the seventeenth century?

All of these questions will be met with answers over the course of the visit.

Additional Workshop: "Today's menu".


Guided tour "The portraits of the Duke of Aumale Collection"

Length: 1H30 (morning or afternoon). For ages 12-18.

From one portrait to another, children are invited to discover the stories of the featured characters, the meaning of the various decorums, the concepts of poses and composition. Among the works of this visit can be seen the famous Clouet portrait series, ceremonial royal portraits and an artist self-portrait from the nineteenth century.

Additional workshop: "Modeling around the portrait".

Workshop "Today's menu..."

Length: 1H30 (morning or afternoon). For ages 12-15.

In a workshop setting and under the guidance of a coordinator, young people will start by getting familiar with the concepts of food groups and nutritional balance. They will then be given the opportunity to dissect a typical eighteenth century menu, from the Chateau's archives. The coordinator will encourage the children to put together a balanced party menu suitable to our current standards. Each teenager leaves with his or her written composition.


Additional visit: this workshop can be completed with the guided tour "Culinary art in the Princes' days".


Workshop: "Modeling around the portrait"

Length: 2H (morning or afternoon). For ages 12-15.

In a workshop setting, young people will discover, using their sense of touch, the marble busts of the French Institute members. The coordinator will introduce the sculptor's techniques and tools before initiating his group to clay, with the production of a small head. Each guest will complete a small bust and leave with his or her piece. 

Additional visit: this workshop can be completed with the guided tour "The portraits of the Duke of Aumale collection".

Activities of the Park:

Guided visit "André le Nôtre and water: Speed waters and hidden waters of the Chantilly Park" 

Length: 1H30 (morning or afternoon). For ages 12-18.

The coordinator will invite young people to discover the complex hydraulic networks of the Park. He will describe the different works achieved by the Grand Condé's famous gardener, André Le Nôtre, as well as the upcoming restoration work initiated by the Chantilly Foundation.

Total freedom!

The Labyrinth "Games and pleasures of Chantilly in the eigtheenth century" 

After having found their way to the five clearings of the labyrinth, children are asked to answer a series of enigmas of different levels (ages 5-7 and 8-12) which introduce them to different games played in the eighteenth century. They can then practice on giant games, established in each clearing (chess game, goose game...) acting as real-life pawns.

Along the garden alleys, children are also faced with small challenges that require their participation in different situations.

This labyrinth is located in the meadow of Candie, behind the Hameau.


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