Age 3-5

Age 3-5 ©M.Savart
Young children will be guided among the treasures of the Estate through suitable animations suggested by our teams. Discovering the plants and wildlife of the Park, the games of the labyrinth, the walks at the heart of our collections or an equestrian presentation are the ingredients to a successful day at the Chantilly Estate.

Activities at the Chateau:


Guided tour "A walk in the Chateau"

Length: 1H30 (morning or afternoon). For ages 3-7.

Young children will be taken among the treasures of the Estate with the help of an animator who's got more than one trick in his knapsack. Filled with animals, geometric shapes and pictures, the knapsack helps kids approach artworks in a playful and interactive way.


Guided tour "Louise and Henri play hide and seek at the museum"

Length: 1H30 (morning or afternoon). For ages 3-4.

This activity allows young visitors to connect with the museum, its spaces and its collections in a playful way. Children are successively observers and actors of the visit, they discover the Princes and Princesses' belongings through stories as well as manipulation and research games.


Activities in the Park:

Guided visit "Let's take a walk in the garden"

Length: 1H30 (morning or afternoon). For ages 3-7.

Young children take a walk among the garden's plants and various species, by a coordinator with its mischief carrying case. Filled with tree leaves, seeds and water noise, this bag will help the children to approach nature in a playful and interactive way.

Total freedom!

Tour Booklets

Collectivity centers and children groups can choose to visit freely the Chateau and the gardens of the Chateau's Park using the entertaining tour maps. Download them for free on this page.

Maps must be duplicated by the children groups prior to their arrival.


The animals of the Park 

Kangaroos are shown in the small Park's woods.

The Labyrinth "Games and Pleasures of Chantilly in the eighteenth century"

After having found their way to the five clearings of the labyrinth, children are asked to answer a series of enigmas of different levels (ages 5-7 and 8-12) which introduce them to different games played in the eighteenth century. They can then practice on giant games, established in each clearing (chess game, goose game...) acting as real-life pawns.

Along the garden alleys, children are also faced with small challenges that require their participation in different situations.

This labyrinth is located in the meadow of Candie, behind the Hameau.



Playground "The Hameau of the Children"

The Chantilly Estate now offers a new summer activity in the Park, with access to a real children playground in a location historically dedicated to fun and entertainment: the meadow of Candie. Natural game structures have been carefully selected for optimal integration within the park and offer a unique game area to children. 

Two areas have been implemented: one for the youngest from 3 to 6, the other for ages 8 and up. The little ones can play in the children's Hameau, made of small cottages and farm animals on springs. The older children will enjoy a large structure of games where they can climb, jump, and move to their heart's content.



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