Pre-K and Kindergarden

Pre-K children on their way to the English Garden ©M.Savart
An interactive approach allows the little ones to express themselves and exchange during their visit. This is done through tales or visit-walks, punctuated by games and tactile or audio experiences. Therefore, dialog and sensory stimulation give rythm to their discoveries.


A walk in the château - 1H30

The children will be guided among the treasures of our collections by a moderator carrying a secret trick knapsack.

The knapsack will help the children approach the works in a playful and interactive way.

Meeting place: hall of honor of the château


Learning Objectives


- To discover shapes, sizes, colors

- To discover a new space

- To discern the recent past from the more distant past


Louise and Henri play hide-and-seek in the museum - 1H30

The children are successively observers and actors of the visit, they discover objects owned by the Princes and Princesses through a story, games of manipulation and quests. 

Meeting place: hall of honor of the château



Learning Objectives


- To stimulate the sense of observation and curiosity

- Movement and location in different spaces

- To listen, understand and remember a story


Portrait, who are you? - 1H

The coodinator will discuss through the visit, the location of the various elements in a face, the positions and costumes of the characters encountered.

Meeting place: hall of honor of the château

Additional Workshop: Draw me a portrait!


Learning Objectives


- To observe the art works

- To discover the steps of the artistic creation

- To discuss the concepts of materials and techniques in art

- To understand body shapes


Draw me a portrait! - 1H

Step by step, the coordinator introduces the children to portrait composition in relationship with a work from the château's collections. Everyone will leave with their creation.

Meeting place: workshop rooms at the Great Stables  

Additional Visit: Portrait who are you?




Learning Objectives


- To develop creativity

- To use drawing as a way of representation

- To achieve a mapped composition

- To adapt gesture to technical restrictions



Book, open yourself! - 1H

Cozily seated in the majestic setting of the Book Cabinet, the children will listen to the story of the books and the château honored by the storyteller.

Meeting place: hall of honor of the château



Learning Objectives


- To improve concentration and listening;

- Discovery of one of the château's spaces.



Hunting-party at the chateau - 1H

The storyteller will invite the children to a hunting party in the collections of the château. From one room to another, the children will discover the hunted animals, listen to their stories and will try to help them escape the hunters.

Meeting place: hall of honor of the château



Learning Objectives


- To improve concentration and listening

- Discovery of the château venues

- Animal Discovery 



Water here, water there - 1H

Following the  cycle of seasons, children will walk through the discovery of the sleeping water secrets of the painting gallery or the secrets that the fountains and ponds river whisper in the park.

Meeting place: hall of honor of the château


Learning Objectives:


- To observe the water-themed works 

- To stimulate the imagination by linking the art works to stories from here and elsewhere

- To listen, to understand and to remember a story told


A walk in the garden - 1H30

The young children will be led by a facilitator, with his secret trick knapsack. Filled with tree leaves, seeds and animal noises, it will help children approach nature in a playful and responsible way.

Meeting place: equestrian statue of the terrace of the château


Learning Objectives


- To become aware of environment respect

- To understand plants and animal life expressions (animal sounds…)



a walk in the chateau ©M.Savart-IMG_4395WMax30
a walk in the garden ©M.Savart