Patrimonial sites

choir stalls restoration Chantiers-Ecoles photo credit RBPresse
Created 7 years ago under the initiative of the Youth and Business association, and in partnership with the Foundation for the safeguard and development of the Chantilly Estate and the School District of Amiens, they have helped mobilize, since 2006, 8 professionnal and technological high school of Picardie. 300 young students and 30 teachers have completed restoration and creation work for the cultural and historical heritage of the Chantilly Estate.
choir stalls restoration Chantiers-Ecoles photo credit RBPresse

By giving value to professional training, the Chantiers-Ecoles provide contributing young people with the opportunity to partake in an innovative approach to professional insertion, and to present their expertise and talents in such areas as carpentry, wood work, locksmithery, embroidery and tapestry as well as in fashion and costume craftsmanship.


For more information, contact the educational and cultural service of the Chantilly Estate


+ (33) 3 44 27 31 68


These innovative actions are carried out in close partnership with the Direction Régionale for the cultural affairs of Picardie, the District of the Academy of Amiens and the Youth and Business Association.