The Park's Restaurant - Le Hameau

Park Restaurant - le Hameau ©Otte
In the quiet park, at the heart of the Hameau, relaxation, local gastronomy and delicious sweets are more than words. This magical place, originally used for the Prince festivities, is where Chantilly's whipped cream was born.

The restaurant of the Hameau

Cuisine and local products


In the windmill and its garden, discover our lunch menus and our snacks. We also offer seasonal desserts and snacks inspired by the authentic Chantilly whipped cream.

Contact us for your family dinners, dinner parties, cocktail parties, weddings, business breakfasts. For large groups requests, ask about the Prince Condé's Summer dining room.

Don't miss our Picardie local goods boutique.


Information and booking:
Terroirs et Châteaux
Le Hameau BP 80411 - FR
60635 Chantilly Cedex - France

Phone: + (33) 3 44 57 46 21       

Fax: + (33) 3 44 57 28 23

Park Restaurant - le Hameau ©Otte