Custom Events

We offer you custom visits, that will suit you, designed to meet your expectations and needs. For families with children, couples, art lovers and inquisitive poeple, choose our individualized programs.
Battle Gallery Great Apartment château de chantilly©M.Savart
Friends can now share a unique tour experience of our exceptional site. Discover the treasures of the Chateau de Chantilly, take the time to walk in the heart of the gardens and see the horse shows of the Live Horse Museum. And don't miss out on tasting a plate of scrumptious Chantilly whipped...
Painting Gallery Chantilly Estate
Less than an hour away from Paris, the Chantilly Estate welcomes you for a day of relaxation and delights for everyone. Guided tours of the private apartments, discovery of the gardens, tasting of culinary specialties and great escapes with our horse shows are among the key ingredients of a...
The Chantilly Estate offers a number of activities and services for children. Audio guides, playgrounds, kangaroos and Christmas shows: key ingredients to a successful day.