Accessibility to the Chantilly Estate for visitors with disabilities
The Chantilly Estate makes it a point that anyone be able to explore the wealth of its domains. Find the adapted mediations and preferential rates that suit you, upon presentation of your disability card, for yourself and the person of your choice.

General information:

In the parking lot, spots for disabled drivers are reserved. They are located closest to the entrances of the park and the Great Stables.

Upon request and availabilities, a manual wheelchair may be reserved for your visit of the Château and the Great Stables.


The Condé Museum and the Library - The Château of Chantilly


Visiting areas:

The Grand Apartments are walk-ins, totally accessible through the court of honnor.

The Duke of Aumale's private apartments are not accessible to people in wheelchairs (the doors are too narrow).

The Painting Galeries have two staircases and are open to visits.

The Chapel has two staircases and are open to visits.


Specific mediations: 

Books printed in large types and in braille are offered to our blind or partially sighted visitors. 

They can help you follow the audioguided visit of the Condé Museum collections.

Make sure you ask for them at the Château reception.



The shop is located on the Château's ground floor. It is directly accessible from the courtyard of La Capitainerie.

The château's restaurant, La Capitainerie - les Cuisines de Vatel is located on the château's ground floor. A few steps lead directly to its entrance. 



The gardens - The Chateau Park

The park is relatively accessible to wheelchairs, but with some assistance and in nice weather. However, all paths are not accessible, especially in the Small Park's Woods.



Specific mediations:

The little train can accommodate two wheelchairs on its last car. An audio speech is broadcast to illustrate the discovery of the gardens. This system of transportation allows for the easiest mobility and discovery of our rich landscape.




The park restaurant, The Hameau - les Goûters Champêtres is located in the heart of the park. It will take you approximately fifteen minutes to reach it. The paths are accessible with some assistance for individuals in a wheelchair, in nice weather. The little train makes a stop at the entrance of the Hameau.


The Live Horse Museum - The Great Stables

The Live Horse Museum is a walk-in, but paved with large stones.

Specific mediations:

Three exhibition rooms are open to the public. One of them presents a tactile model of the Great Stables building as well as a gallery of materials which the architecture is composed of.

The Dome, a performance venue, offers twelve locations accessible to our visitors in a wheelchair.



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