Friends of the Condé Museum

Purple Salon - copyright Martine Savart
The association "Friends of the Condé Museum, château of Chantilly" is a volunteers' association created April 30, 1971, and recognized of public utility by the decree of April 8, 1988. The association contributes to the restoration of unique works, enriches the collections, evaluates opportunities and participates in safeguarding the collections to preserve a heritage that we will be proud to pass on to future generations.


Joining the Friends of the Condé Museum will allow you to contribute to a beautiful and great cause, as well as show your commitment and your respect for the French art heritage. The Condé Museum collection fund, paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, needs regular restorations. Keep in mind that a 300 euro donation can save a Watteau drawing or a Dürer engraving.



As a member of the association, we will provide you with many exclusive benefits:
Permanent free entry to the museum and the park
Invitation to openings of temporary exhibits
Free subscription to the Condé Museum bulletin
Access to diversified and quality conferences
Participation in excursions 
Cultural trip of several days each year



The restorated works by the Friends of the Condé Museum of the Château of Chantilly



Sauveur Le Conte, The Battle of Fribourg, oil on canvas

Francesco Raibolini dit Francia, The Annunciation with Saint Albert, wood panel 

Pietro Montanini, Scenery with the Temptation of Jesus Christ

French School Seventeenth Century, Joan of Arc, oil on canvas

Flemish School (formerly credited to Memling), Diptych of Jeanne de France, oil on panel 



Restoration of 90 of the 366 drawings of Clouet for the 2002 fall and 2011 spring exhibits.




Clocks of the Guard room, of the bedroom of Mr. the Prince, of the Large Monkey Room and of the Large Battle Gallery



Climatic box beams of the works of Fouquet and restoration of miniatures

Le Christ et la femme adultère, Venetian School from the sixteenth century

Bird and Chinese Pavillion, by Huet



The Purple Salon - Small Apartments

The Music Salon - Grand Apartments



To contact the Friends of the Condé Museum: 

BP 70243 - 60631 Chantilly Cedex - France

Phone: + (33) 3 44 62 62 82