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The Foundation for the Safeguarding and Preservation & Development of the Domain of Chantilly

Created in 2005 by His Highness the Aga Khan, the “Fondation pour la sauvegarde et le développement du Domaine de Chantilly” (the “Foundation for the Safeguarding and Development of the Domain of Chantilly”), was granted the responsibility to preserve and promote this large historic site, on behalf of and in coordination with the Institut de France until 2025. The Domain of Chantilly was bequeathed to the Institut de France in 1884 by the testament of the Duke of Aumale. 


The Foundation’s mission is twofold : ensure the continued well-being of the domain by supporting its economic and sustainable development and promote the domain on the international cultural scene as an exemplary model of heritage site management, while following the terms of the Duke of Aumale’s bequest.


Since its creation, the Foundation has planned and overseen an extensive renovation and restoration program that aims, step by step, to preserve the entire domain (Château, Park and Grand Stables). These projects are financed by a public/private partnership involving the French government, the Picardy Region, the Department of Oise, His Highness the Aga Khan, and private patrons. Since its inception, the Foundation has undertaken numerous projects to preserve, restore, and refurbish many of the historic features and buildings on site including, gardens and art collections, in the course improving the cultural offer and visitor facilities, work which has already restored the original splendour and beauty of this former home of princes.


These initial projects have helped bolster the domain’s economic viability by matching high management standards with growing and evolving cultural demands. The Foundation’s economic development policy is strengthened by its efforts to preserve the domain’s extraordinary treasures while at the same time improving reception facilities and visitor circulation. This policy draws on cultural programming rooted in professionalism, scientific excellence and broad public access, as well as an active network of influential thinkers, in France as well as abroad. With its objectives of economic stability and sustainability, the Foundation offers new insights and practices to the field of heritage management.